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Mythology and Folklore Portfolio

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  1. Hi, I love how you tied in how the girl used not just weaving of a tapestry like we would generally think, but she was weaving lies and deceit. Wow, overall this story is so clever. I like how reasonable the narrator is at the beginning and all of a sudden how she decides to turn the girl into a spider because she was not respectful. She went from 0 to 100 really quick. I also love the component that this is a diary and we can really hear this story from the narrator's perspective. I did not know this story, so I really liked your easy to read and understand narration of it from her perspective. I found it interesting that you weaved in some more modern ways of her speaking. I like how she even thinks of herself as funny for making the girl a spider. Overall, great story! Can't wait to read more of your stories.

  2. Hi Natalie, I really enjoyed reading your portfolio story! The way you retold Athena and Arachne in the form of a journal entry was really unique. Do you plan on the rest of your portfolio stories being the same format? If so that may help you to come up with an awesome title for the project website as a whole. I love the images you have also incorperated into your portfolio. The home page image gives a very spooky fell and gives me the idea of conflicts that are bound to arise in the following pages. I also think the image you used on your one page was very fitting. Before even reading the story I could infer from it a little about what was to happen and then realize the big picture after reading. Overall, great job! You did an awesome job of keeping me engaged and interested throughout the stories entirety. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello, Natalie! I enjoyed reading your stories; the titles were also fitting and engaging for each story. This week’s feedback is related to images and the cover photo for your home page intrigued me! It looks spooky and kind of has an eerie tone, but it also looks mystical at the same time. Have you thought about changing the title of your portfolio that would tie all the stories and the haunted forest picture together so that it is a little more cohesive? I like the image you chose in “Athena’s Diary” because it illustrates your story itself and that’s really helpful. I think it does add to your story and we get to visualize the scenes you describe, especially the weaving part - really cool. I enjoyed reading “The Color of Magic.” It was creative and you made the story your own. The picture of the well supports your story. I think maybe even adding a picture of a sunset (like the one described in the story) would also add to the page. The sunset in the story is described beautifully that adding a picture would make the story page pop. Maybe you could add it as a background photo or a banner photo for the title. I feel like adding banner photos for the story titles would also add some flair to the story pages! These are just suggestions, but overall, your portfolio is good and the stories are fun to read! Awesome work!


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